Giving Them a Hope & a Future

Giving Them a Hope & a Future

Summerland Christian College
Summerland Christian College

Student Homework Files & Other Documents

Our Student Homework files and other documents relating to students like timetables are hosted on Google drive. All our students have been given a Google account, which includes a school email, to get access to class and subject files. This gives us the benefit of having these documents and files accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and also the ability to be hosted on your personal devices using your Google Account.


To download or print files from google drive you can do so in 2 easy steps.

    • 1. Select the files you wish to print or download.

  • 2. look for these icons directly above the document. By clicking these icons you can 'print' and 'download' respectively.

  • sccicons


Additionally we have Student Assessment and Timetables available direct from our website via the link below.

Student Timetables

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