Giving Them a Hope & a Future

Giving Them a Hope & a Future

Summerland Christian College
Summerland Christian College
The Enrolment Bonus Project
Let's get the word out!
Helping us grow our school

Families who have an existing enrolment in the College may gain ONE TERM FREE OF FEES for one of their children for every new successful enrolment they recommend to the College.

Conditions & Incentives

A number of conditions apply (for full conditions see the document below), but families can gain multiple bonuses. The aim is to encourage parents to boost enrolments as we double stream our classes. This bonus is given in gratitude for bringing new students to our Christian College.

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How it Works.
How to gain a bonus
  •  Speak to other families about enrolling at the College;
  •  If they decide to enrol, have them complete an enrolment application (available from the office or by clicking here)
  •  and submit it along with an Enrolment Bonus Form filled out by you;
  •  If the enrolment is successful, you will receive a letter stating that you have been granted one term free of fees.
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Thank you!

This incentive project will continue until the College Board decides it is no longer necessary.


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