Giving Them a Hope & a Future

Giving Them a Hope & a Future

Summerland Christian College
Summerland Christian College

Achieving Success

Celebrating nearly 38 years of Christian schooling, Summerland Christian College has the experience and resources needed for any student’s successful school years. The College has been able to build a positive culture, encouraging students to achieve their potential.

Our Secondary school has a proud record of high academic results. Four times in the last eight years we have placed in the Top 150 HSC schools in NSW and Second in the region. We consistently achieve results in the highest bands in HSC subjects.

Twice in the last six years, our students have been awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship at Southern Cross University for the highest HSC mark on campus. While we aim to achieve highly academically, we also know some students struggle. We have a program that is renowned for helping those students progress and achieve. Our teachers aim to ensure no student is ever left behind. There is also a strong focus on Sport and Creative & Performing Arts, with the College providing a well rounded education that caters for many students’ gifts and abilities.

How parents often describe our school

Proactive, Academic, Supportive, Dedicated, High-Achieving, Encouraging.

AIS survey responses from parents asked to provide 3 words describing our school (2014).

How students often describe our school

Inspiring, Rewarding, Supportive, Partnership, Genuine, Successful.

AIS survey responses from parents asked to provide 3 words describing our school (2014).

Christian Environment

The most important part of our College is its Christian Environment.

Summerland is unique in that the majority of it’s secondary students are active Christians. It is one of the things that helps make our school different. That’s why our PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) program has the message “it’s who we are”. Christian teachers and students are able to work together, help each other and encourage each other. Christian parents see the College helping their children to grow in God, as well as achieve their best. Students regularly encourage each other in their walk with the Lord, providing each other with the fellowship and strength to live as Christians, peer-to-peer. Student groups, such as 'God’s Girls' and 'Sons of Thunder', help maintain this.

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