Giving Them a Hope & a Future

Giving Them a Hope & a Future

Summerland Christian College
Summerland Christian College
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Parent Lounge & Community Space

As our College continues to grow we want all our families, both old and new, to enjoy being a part of our school community. One simple way we have sought to do this is through the creation of 'The Cross Way.' This parent's lounge is phase one of our ongoing strategy to be a strong school community. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

‘The Cross Way’our NEW community space featuring a Parents’ Lounge, general purpose study space & student reward area! This is our College’s new community meeting area for parents (of an afternoon) and students (during the general school day).

Parents, we welcome you to come grab a ‘pod’ coffee or tea from 2.30pm onwards during weekdays, to connect and build community within our awesome College. We love all our SCC parents and we are excited to welcome you to use this space of an afternoon. Thank you so much for your time and commitment to our College and we hope you enjoy this great space.

What's behind a name?

Pastor Rod, explains his thoughts behind the naming of this fabulous new space:

A place where two ways meet; a crossway; a double way. In Mark 11:4 - the street in the village where the two disciples sent by Jesus found the colt that He would ride upon in His triumphant entry to Jerusalem. The CROSS WAY that was a place of purpose; an intersection; a place of discovery/destiny; a strategic crossway that provided the “vehicle” for a visitation of Jesus.

Thanks Rod! A big name full of meaning for a great new SCC community space and parents’ lounge.

What else is this space for?

Our students explain: A place for parents, students and teachers to connect over a coffee or a game. Or just chill out. This is our second flexible learning space, and is designed for collaborative learning. It will be used for Senior students and Distance Ed. Subjects, and it is ideal for self directed learning. It's also here for students that display exceptional behaviour and are a great example to their peers. It's for everybody and we hope that if you are in here, you enjoy it!


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