STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) is the latest initiative at our college!

‘Rigorous academic concepts are coupled with real-world lessons’ and nominated students will be involved in various projects & STEM challenges.

These guided activities will stimulate and educate students in emerging technologies and environmentally sustainable strategies!

These activities could include:

  • Solar Car Design & Manufacture
  • Engineering Challenge Competition at SCU
  • F1 Schools Challenge, Bridge Design & Construction
  • Raspberry Pi Coding
  • 3D printing & CAD/CAM
  • Hovercraft Design & Construction

70% of fast growing occupations require STEM skill sets, so not only are students engaging with fascinating and relevant studies, they are working toward their future occupations in these innovative fields.

Students at Summerland who display a good attitude in STEM areas will be offered a position in this fantastic program. The STEM program will be offered one session a week during school hours and will run the whole year with projects being completed annually.

For more information please speak to Anthony Amber, Head of STEM, SCC.


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